I developed an interest in dance photography early in my college career—a hobby which quickly turned into one of my main side projects. I am proficient in shooting with DSLR cameras and edit my work in Lightroom and Photoshop. This page includes selections from some of my most recent shoots, featuring collaborations with dancers from across the country. 

The theme of this shoot followed a simple premise: depicting the progression of a late night dancing freely in a studio. In creating this story, I focused on manipulating how I captured motion and light, giving the series a dramatic yet casual appearance. 
I created these images as part of a campaign for Jamorris Rivers' performance art piece "Presence," which was intended for an AROVA Contemporary Ballet pop-up show. These images seek to give hints to the audience about the purpose of the piece without giving away what would occur during the event, with a focus on selective photography and human touch. 
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